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Manager USA

Mngr Doug Goldstein 
Phone.: +1-901-455-6300
speak EN, Spanish 


Mgr. Michaela Hrušková Kocourová
Phone.: +420 603 206 400
speak EN, BG, RU, CZ 

Production and coordinator

Cyril Hořánek
Phone.: +420 603 439 233
speak EN, CZ 

Assistant designer and project engineer

Michal Szozda
Phone.: +420 733 774 563
speak EN, PL, CZ 

Secund Assistant designer and project engineer

Tomas Nejezchleba
Phone.: +420 725 300 081‬
speak EN, CZ 

Dsgnr Martin Hruška

Facebook: Dsgnr Martin Hruska
Instagram: dsgnr_martin_hruska


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