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Wyg Programming Studio Pro

Programming studio is a specialized workplace which allows you to program lights and video screenings for your culture and social events, concerts, concert tours and TV programmes in advance. All in a cosy atmosphere of our studio without unnecessary hustle and bustle. You can arrive at the event with a ready-to-use show!

Great financial savings + greater comfort + more time + higher quality + your staff.




Great saving of your funds
Notable quality increase

When using the studio you may achieve significant savings of the funds from your event budget. Reason?...The rental of a hall in which the event is held, including all technical equipment and staff costs a lot of money. When you manage to save even a single day at the place, your budget can be hundreds of thousands lower.  You can save so much just by preparing the video content and lighting in our Programming studio in advance and not on the spot. 
Compare the costs in tens of thousands at our place or hundreds of thousands on the spot...a persuasive enough reason to use our studio.


You have peace and quiet to focus on your work when programming in our studio, thus achieving better results. The quality of the whole show increases with the time spent in preparing the visual appearance of your event – the time which you can afford to extend to last several days. With the daily rent in thousands of CZK you will never even get close to 10% of the costs of programming at the event itself even if you spend several days programming at us. Ideal conditions, plenty of time and the possibility to extend the time you spend by programming – those are the reasons why professional shows all over the world are prepared this way.

The result equals the invested time and the saving of funds.
Peace at work, no stress, comfort, plenty of time and low price.


When programming at an event itself, you are pushed by the limited time, technical problems with installing, various downtimes and delays. These shorten the time you can dedicate to the actual programming, not mentioning the fact that your people are constantly disturbed from the programming itself. Not even you as a client, producer or stage manager can find enough time to deal with the programming. 
Due to the lack of time, the programming is finally carried out in the few remaining hours in the night, the people are tired and often make mistakes. As a result of this you undergo great risks, your event is not programmed according to your expectations and it consumes a great deal of your budget.
The result is just a compromise of what you expected.
Tiredness, lack of time, stress, cold, enormous price



This programming system is very widespread and this form is used by many productions preparing concerts or famous artists’ tours. Besides concert tours programming is also used for TV projects, such as Eurovision. 



State-of-the-art advanced technology
How does it work?

The studio is equipped with technologies developed by a Canadian company named Cast particularly for these purposes. Wysiwyg software is a technology to which you can connect the light controller and MediaServer which serves for launching videos and graphics for image screens on the stage. Using the projector you can display the scene without having to build the stage with technologies physically.

All lights and videos in the reaction to the light controller commands are displayed in real time, just like the real lights and LED walls in the hall.

In other words – the controls for the playout are the same as those prepared for the event. Instead of connecting it to stage equipment in the hall, you connect it to Wysiwyg technology in our studio and you can view the program as it will run during the event in the hall. The feeling during the programming is so authentic that you feel like being directly at the event.

Due to the lack of time, lighting technicians usually use simpler lighting and program it using presets in the light controller.  They have limited options then, though.

Thanks to programming in advance and with more time available you can program the lights and the whole show in a more sophisticated way: each lamp separately, exactly follow the song and even use timecode. Thus you achieve considerably better results.



What is Wysiwyg able to do?
Nearly all you can imagine.

There are actually no limits at all.  
The technology allows controlling all known lights used at shows; it can generate smoke on the stage, display video LED walls in the required resolution to be used later on the real stage, including the real parasite light emitted by these walls and lighting the stage. They can also ensure video projection both on screens and on objects, such as the floor, sceneries, props, musical instruments and video mapping. It can move the sceneries and mechanical and hydraulic hoisting devices. (including e.g. drums, stage trap doors, turntables, lighting structures), thus replacing controllable Cyberhoist motors in the simulation.

The scenery for Wysiwyg must be prepared in 3D which allows you to view the stage using various camera angles. You can also program camera movement or camera crane and switch between the cameras randomly during the programming. Thanks to 3D environment it is possible to place 3D figures, music instruments, and props (such as a car) on the stage and see how the light falls on these objects. Everything that can be modelled into 3D including textures. In the Wysivyg stage environment everything is in real dimensions and behaves in conformity with the physical laws, including the behaviour of materials, reflections on glossy surfaces and other objects.

You can record everything you create in the form of static frames or shoot a video which you can use as a presentation to artists, producers or the target client. Everything you have created concurrently remains programmed in the light controller and in Media Server. You cn then take the finished data away with you to upload to your light controller and Media Server. If the programming controller and Media Server is yours, you can save the data there and transfer the  whole device.



Which purposes Wysiwyg serves



Wysiwyg software has been used for the preparation
of projects and tours of the following top stars:

We had the honour to prepare a show
for the following stars and projects:


Can we afford it?
Is it not too expensive for your event?


Do not be afraid. The prices are set in a way that even small productions can afford the programming.  It is only up to you how much time you want to spend at us and how much money you want to invest into your project. We have concurrently established a bonus system for new and permanent clients as well as volume bonuses.

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