Pražský výběr

eR...Last or Forever concert of the legendary band Pražský výběr

Pražský výběr is czech rock band since 1976 founded by keyboardist and singer Michal Kocáb. In second half of 70s was the band focused on jazz rock mainly, which was in that time very popular. In the begging of 80s changed the band their style completely. At that time was the band one of the most popular in Czech Republic. In the 1983 to 1986 was Pražský výběr prohibited by the Communists, they came back to the scene in the second half of 80s. After the 1989 was the band concerting just a little. They had a comeback in 2000 when they started to concert more often. Because of the disagrees in two of the main figures, Michael Kocáb and the guitarist Michael Pavlíček the band unfortunately fall apart in the 2006. In the october 2006 has Kocáb created a new band called Pražský výběr the Second, which was concerting till 2009. In the 2012 was reunion of Pražský výběr. 

Koncert eR... Last Or Forever byl dramaturgicky sestaven osobně Michaelem Kocábem, který ke spolupráci přizval stage designera Martina Hrušku